The Law Firm Of W. Garrett Zabel & Associates, P.C.

Experience in drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for over 30 years. We have drafted QDROs for Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans (401(k), Profit Sharing and Savings Plans and ESOP Plans).  Our firm has experience in drafting Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Defined Contribution Pension Plans (including 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans).  We work with Domestic Relations Attorneys in suggesting and approving language in Judgments of Divorce and preparing QDROs, EDROs and other orders in compliance with the Judgments, submitting QDROs for approval with plan administrators, and submitting executed DROs for qualification.

ln addition to the above, we specialize in Estate Planning, Probate avoidance, Taxation, and Business Planning.

W. Garrett (Gary) Zabel has been a practicing attorney since 1964 and is a member of the State Of Michigan and County of Oakland Bar Associations.

Competitive fees and prompt turn around response.